Research spotlight on mental health


May is Mental Health Awareness month and we are spotlighting current research studies for which you can volunteer to help improve mental health in Indiana.  First, here are some quick stats on mental health in the United States.

  1. Mental health is an important part of our overall health and well-being.  Mental illnesses are more common than many people think and many are treatable.
  2. 1 in 6 people will experience depression at some point in their life.  This could be due to a stressful life event such as a job loss, a divorce, or death of a loved one.
  3. People exhibit signs of mental illness differently.  Some people may engage in risky behaviors such as drug or alcohol abuse to hide their struggle with mental illness.
  4. Speaking up early and seeking help is important to understanding the signs of mental illness and getting help before it’s extremely serious.
  5. There is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed.  Many people are comfortable getting help for a physical illness but may feel too embarrassed to seek help when struggling mentally or emotionally. If you think you may be struggling with your mental health, don’t be afraid to seek help.

Research Studies to Understand & Improve Mental Health

Volunteers are needed for research to help understand how to better diagnose & treat different types of mental illnesses.  Whether you are a health volunteer or have been diagnosed with a mental illness, you may be eligible to volunteer for one of the health research studies below.

All Mental Health Studies

PTSD Studies

Depression Studies

Schizophrenia Studies

Mental Illness Studies

Psychiatric Disorders Studies