Precision Health Initiative study successful in recruiting patients in Evansville

A study team that first opened its recruitment in southern Indiana earlier this year has seen growth in patient enrollment over the last eight months. The study, conducted in Evansville and known as Hoosier Moms, looks at pregnant women in order to understand the risks that go along with gestational diabetes, and also aims to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Before the second site in Evansville was added in February, only one site existed in Indianapolis. Opening a new site in Evansville made this study even more successful.

The team began recruiting in the area last winter, and has since enrolled 45 patients to participate.

Indiana University School of Medicine partnered with the Research Institute of Deaconess Clinic in Evansville for this study.

David Haas, MD, is the leader of Hoosier Moms. He credits Deaconess’ long-time experience for the success in recruitment. “Deaconess was used to doing industry-sponsored studies, so they had an infrastructure and people who knew how to do research,” said Haas. “The process and knowledge base about human subjects research was already there.”

“I am confident that having the physician boots on the ground helping advocate for the study was very influential in driving success,” said Haas. “The leadership of their research endeavor and their clinicians were fully behind and supportive of the effort and collaboration.”

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