Health research creates better system for treating patients with traumatic injuries /University of Notre Dame

Researchers from Memorial Hospital South and the University of Notre Dame are working together to create better ways to treat patients with traumatic injuries.  Traumatic injuries, or any kind of severe physical injury, are the leading cause of death for people 46 years old and younger in the United States.  Dr. Scott Thomas and Dr. Mark Walsh of Memorial Hospital in South Bend collaborated on a translational research project with Professer  Francis J. Castellino, Kleiderer/Pezold Professor of Biochemistry and Director of the Keck Center at the University of Notre Dame to develop a new method for treating trauma patients with excessive bleeding.  Around 25-35% of patients that end up in the emergency room experience excessive bleeding without being able to form blood clots; this is also known as coagulopathy.  The team was able to take a testing procedure normally used for cardiac patients and use it with emergency room patients to help figure out what types of blood products such as plasma or platelets would be most beneficial to each patient.  To learn more about this research click here



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