IU School of Medicine, Riley researchers study risky decision-making in children

There’s a study underway using brain imaging, family history and more to help prevent kids from making bad choices in the future.

A study by IU School of Medicine and Riley Hospital for Children is helping parents understand why certain children make riskier decisions than others.  The study includes brain imaging, family history, and more that may provide insights on how to help kids make good choices in the future.

Dr. Leslie Hulvershorn, an associate professor of Psychiatry with IU School of Medicine, is helping lead the study and wants to unlock the reasons why some kids do the things they do.

“It’ll tell us what’s going on in the brain, so we’re specifically looking at brain mechanisms,” Hyulvershorn said. “The wave of the future is to develop treatments based on brain mechanisms, because right now that isn’t really done.”

image of a brain scan

IU health and Riley Hospital are still looking for about 100 more kids to take part in the study. After the initial visit, there are follow-up meetings to track behavior every six months.  You can also be compensated up to $430. If you or your child would like to take part in this study, you can call 317-278-7795 or email iubrain@iupui.edu.

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