Purdue partners with the state to improve post-pandemic public health

The COVID-19 pandemic and the toll it has taken on the public health of our communities has underscored the devastating social and racial inequities that exist within the state and has made clear the need to remove these obstacles for the health for all Hoosiers.

Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering (RCHE) at Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) are partnering on a new initiative to ensure that all Hoosiers have better access to resources needed to achieve better health. Through the Indiana Healthy Opportunities for People Everywhere  (I-HOPE) initiative, Purdue will collaborate with almost 100 partners across the state to help tackle the obstacles that prevent people from living healthy lives.

The Brian Lamb School for Communication will provide resources and support for customized, local communications campaigns, the College of Health and Human Sciences will support the evaluation of the grant, and the Purdue-affiliated Connections IN Health, a program of the Indiana CTSI, will lend its expertise and resources.

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